Exposed Cosmetics Highlight Kit

We’ve been waiting for this one for a loooong time, but it was DEFINITELY worth the wait!

We always love Exposed Cosmetics products, they’re excellent value for money but still look and feel like luxury products. However, they have SERIOUSLY stepped it up, the quality of this highlighter is honestly outstanding. We couldn’t believe it when we first swatched it, like seriously – someone call a doctor cause we’re swooning all over the place!

It’s so hard to capture photos that do it justice, but this is what it looks like:


Highlight Kit shades


The shades are a pale Champagne, an iridescent Rose and a shimming Bronze. They are so soft and buttery, you only need a tiny bit of product (literally less than 1 swipe!) to create an incredible highlight!

The initial swatches there DO NOT do it justice – check this out!



Yeah – WE KNOW!! What we absolutely love about these highlighters is the lack of glitter. Sometimes highlighters have just a little too much glitter in (yes, we said it!) and we like the option to add glitter if we feel like it. This is a MAJOR selling point of this highlighter kit where we’re concerned, they give a beautiful sheer effect without chunks of glitter.

The other big plus of these are HOW WELL THEY BLEND!!

You can tell by the amount of caps lock moments in this post how strongly we feel about this product!

We tested mixing the colours up (please excuse the random lack of make up photos!) and came out with shades that will match pretty much ALL skin tones!

A swatch of just the champagne colour:


Champagne mixed with Rose (perfect for super fair skin types):


Champagne mixed with Bronze (great for Olive and Darker complexions):


You can see just how blinding these highlighters are, it’s no joke. My camera literally struggles to pick it up properly in some pictures!

The best thing about this highlighter is the price – it retails for just £4.99 but Just Essentials have it EXCLUSIVELY for £2.99. Yeah. Seriously.

£2.99!?!  Whaaaaat?!

It’s lightweight & the packaging is super cute. The champagne and bronze shades are perfect for a tropical holiday make up look and that iridescent rose makes it perfect for taking to festivals to create that amazing fantasy themes highlight.

Also, it matches the Exposed Cosmetics Contour Kit.

Grab Yours Here!

You will NOT be disappointed!




What do you think of our swatches? Would you try this product?

JE xx


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