Our Halloween Faves!

It’s our favourite time of year here at Just Essentials – a time for us to get dressed up and look, well, horrific actually!

Some of our Halloween ‘must-haves’ this year are indeed timeless favourites of ours and available in all our stores, and online at http://www.justessentials.co.uk

Liquid Latex


This is one of our best selling products. We use it to create everything from peeling zombie skin to big scratches to giant disgusting boils.

Some of the horrific looks our staff have created with our Liquid Latex:



Bloody Scab Blood

bloody scab

Bloody scab is a thick, blood gel that stays put and stays wet. It’s great for wounds that you want to stay looking fresh all night.

Some looks our girls have created using Bloody Scab:


Snazaroo Face Paints


Snazaroo Face Paints are one of the most versatile products we sell. The only limit is your own creativity – some amazing looks can be achieved using this simple water based product!

Check out these looks created by Just Essentials staff:



MesmerEyez Coloured Eyewear


MesmerEyez Coloured Eyewear are INSANELY popular around Halloween, although we carry a lot of the natural styles all year round. We really think they complete a make up look or costume – see for yourself!

*Some of these looks were created by our girls in store, some are from the MesmerEyez Facebook page – all credit to the original artists.*





Have you created some fantastic Halloween make up that you’re proud of? Why not enter into our Make up contest!

Halloween Make Up Contest FACEBOOK AD 2017


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