Piercing at Just Essentials!

Good afternoon you lovely lot, I do hope you’re all enjoying the little bit of sunshine that has appeared lately!

We’ve got something very exciting to talk about today, as I’m sure most of you are aware we recently had a fabulous new refit in our Colchester store and we have now introduced our new piercing service in three of our stores!

In our Ipswich, Kings Lynn & Colchester stores, you can now have your ear lobes and your nose pierced!

Being as excited as we are, we interviewed Holly, our Colchester branch manager, about the piercing service that is now available in our Colchester store!


What piercing services do you offer in store?

“We offer ear lobe and nostril piercings in Just Essentials stores.”

How do you prepare a customer for piercing?

“Firstly we ensure the customer is of an appropriate age. Customer must be a minimum of 14 years old for nose piercing, but must have an adult present up to the age of 18. Ear piercing can be done from the age of 5 but must have adult present up to the age of 16.

We then help the customer choose the jewellery, we go through a few medical questions, take them over to the piercing station where they take a seat.

We clean the area to be pierced, measure and mark out the perfect place for the piercing and make sure the customer is happy with the placement. We are then ready to pierce!

We make the customer feel comfortable no matter their age. We give them the choice of knowing when we are going to pierce, or whether they would rather close their eyes and we just go for it!”

Tell us about the piercing method.

“We have two different piercing methods that use two different instruments. The instrument we use for nostril piercings is a push through instrument, very similar to the traditional needle method but quicker, more accurate and less painful.

The second method is for the ears, we use a piercing gun for this.. Using a gun ensures the piercing goes straight through the ear and the machine puts the back on the earring immediately, eliminating the need for fiddling with the piercing trying to get the back on!”

What happens once a customer has been pierced?

“Once the piercings are completed, we will run through the aftercare method with the customer or parent and provide their after care kit.”

What’s your favourite thing about the new and improved Colchester Just Essentials?

“I love everything about working at just essentials!

The Colchester store have recently had a huge makeover and we now have even more amazing products and services such as our piercing station, fine fragrance, hair extensions and so many new wigs! We are always thinking of our Customers first so if there is anything you need – just ask!

If you haven’t visited our gorgeous new Colchester store yet, what are you waiting for?! Pop in and say hello and while you’re here, sign up to our Beauty Club emails and take 10% off your purchase!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!”

We hope you’re as excited as us about all the awesome new services available to our customers, check our our little piercing gallery below!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want to know anything else about our services – get in touch via our Facebook!

Just Essentials ❀ xx


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