Just Essentials Piercing FAQ

So we’ve noticed a bit of an emerging pattern with some of the questions you lovely lot are asking about piercing at Just Essentials.

We’ve come up with this FAQ, expertly answered by our Kings Lynn staff, to answer all your Piercing related queries!


Will it hurt to get a piercing?

It can be uncomfortable – although everybody’s pain threshold is different and it will depend on the individual. The piercing itself is very quick and as long as you care for it properly then it shouldn’t cause you any further discomfort.


I’ve read horror stories about piercings going wrong. How do I know the Piercer is professional?

You will know if the piercer is a qualified professional as they should display their training certificates. All of our piercers are fully trained by accredited companies and have professional certification to prove it, these are displayed in our stores.

If an establishments piercing work is poor, it will speak for itself. The piercing industry is very focussed around recommendations and word of mouth, so it is easy to hear whether somebody has had a good or bad experience.

Always make sure your piercer is using jewellery from sterile packaging. Jewellery should be clean and sterile and piercers should change their gloves before they pierce you. Work stations and stools should also be sterilised before and after each piercing.


Before I spend all my money, how much should I plan to spend on my piercing and jewellery?

At Just Essentials, we charge £14.99 for our piercing – jewellery and aftercare are included in the price. In our eyes you should not need to pay more than this and believe that aftercare should always be provided. Should you wish to change your jewellery once your piercing has healed, we have a large range of piercing jewellery available in our stores at great prices, so simply ask your piercer about future jewellery options.


I’ve had my ears/nose pierced before but they have healed up, can I have a new piercing in the same place?

Redoing a piercing through scar tissue is a perfectly viable option most of the time. The piercer will need to see the area that will be re-pierced before we can tell you whether is possible in your specific case, most of the time a little bit of scar tissue doesn’t tend to affect the new piercing.


How long will I have to wait for my piercing to heal?

Ear lobes can take up to six weeks, cartilage and nostril can generally take 8 to 12 weeks to heal but in some cases can be longer. Piercings heal from the outside in, so it may appear to look healed and may even feel healed, but once you remove it, the inside may still be healing.


How do care for my piercing?

The piercing healing solution we provide is recommended to be used twice daily.

Things to remember during the healing process are don’t play with the jewellery, your hands harbour millions of germs that can cause infections. Do not pick your piercings, any dried skin will naturally come off during cleaning. You should also keep your piercing clean even after your piercing has fully healed.


My piercing has fully healed now, where can I purchase jewellery and what am I looking for?

You can purchase your earrings, nose studs and rings along with other body jewellery at Just Essentials beauty stores. All our earrings are allergy free, sterilised, medical grade surgical steel and nickel compliant to E.C standards. All nose and body jewellery is surgical steel but please remember to sterilise all jewellery before use to ensure your piercing stays free of any germs or infection.


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